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As a woman, you deserve to be elegant, beautiful, and glamorous. Good thing, Dionne Smith knows exactly what you need and what you can do.

Dionne Smith has been an award-winning hairstylist for more than 18 years now, providing satisfaction and happiness to every customer there is. Dionne Smith is also a trusted brand - a world-class maker of Deluxe Handmade Wigs and Virgin Hair Extensions. It goes without saying that all our products are made of 100% Virgin human hair of the highest quality. The best thing about Virgin human hair is the fact that it has a gorgeous natural sheen which shows the hair is superbly healthy.

At Dionne Smith, we take pride in offering the best array of handmade wigs and hair extensions which are extremely discreet and easy to fit. Giving you satisfying customer service is always at the top of our priority list.

Be More Beautiful with No Worries

Unlike other brands that just market hair, Dionne Smith actually does hair using the finest-grade. Dionne Smith Wigs & Virgin Hair has more elasticity and vitality. It lasts longer, easy to colour and easier to brush too, with minimal tangling!

Dionne Smith selects the best hair and keeps track of everything, through the cleaning and weaving phases. This is to ensure that no harmful chemicals are used.

Why Dionne Smith?

Dionne Smith can provide the best Deluxe handmade wigs that are made to fit and last plus hair extensions on the market, allowing every woman all across the world to feel and look extra glamorous with their new thicker tresses. So, what are you waiting for? Browse our wigs or choose your personal favourite hair extensions and even have your own customised colour.

We always make sure all your questions or enquiries are answered. We give utmost importance to our lovely customers and we only want to give you the best experience possible with us. We offer our products and services to a wide range of customers, including Celebrities, hair salons, beauty parlours, film and entertainment industry, private clients and models.

Whether your looking for Customised Wigs or Luxury Hair Extensions for that special occasion, event, or a magazine shoot, Dionne Smith has the perfect solution for you!