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Whole Sale


If you are looking for a trusted Deluxe handmade wigs and hair extensions supplier, you have come to the right place..


Dionne Smith continues to strive in order to ensure you are provided with the best quality products and satisfying customer service. We offer 100% natural handmade wigs and virgin hair extensions. We supply to a broad range of customers and the best thing is, our hairpieces are available at reasonable prices.


Since we value your satisfaction and patronage, we offer discounts for bulk orders. Browse our site to find out more about our products as well as our payment system. As you purchase bulk orders, you can choose from a magnificent selection of hairpieces available in various colours. Whether you want wavy or straight hair, we got it for you.


Our company appreciates your desire to order hairpieces from us. To know more about wholesale or bulk orders, contact us at wigs@dionnesmith.com